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Help murder of a 2 yr old will be realesed to livefree  / Joy Williams (Close friend of mother of keyana hamilton )  Read >>
Help murder of a 2 yr old will be realesed to livefree  / Joy Williams (Close friend of mother of keyana hamilton )
Need help this woman will be released in 7 months she abused this poor little two-year-old for only a couple months killer breaks my heart today is her anniversary of Keyana Bravo Hamilton and I want to do something she cannot be released to live in this world that this poor innocent child didn't get a chance to even get anywhere in this life never even got to be able to be anything else than infused sweet beautiful little girl it's not fair that this woman can be released after what she did and this poor child had to endure didn't even get the respect to even gotten a chance to fight for her life please speak out she's in Coffee Creek should be released in 7 months she was convicted of manslaughter I can't stay 2 year old little girl my daughter is 19 months old and I look at her and I can never imagine and breaks my heart it's not fair this little girl or should have been protected and cared for our system is so screwed up that they would take and play somewhere they watched out for this little girl's face in the toilet with feces broke her rib burner ripped her hair out how could anybody do this to an innocent child I will not stop fighting until this woman is not released or some kind of consequence more significant than 12 years in prison so she at Coffee Creek she's probably just sitting there relaxing until she gets out to live her life Keyana didn't get the same either did her sister or the mother or the family of this job they were robbed this child was robbed she never got a chance at Living so please anybody who knows the story knows how horrific it is make a stand help please I know I'm not family I know I didn't get a chance to meet this beautiful little girl but her story touches me and breaks my heart I am a mother of three I don't know what I would do if I was in this position I can't just sit back and watch while this woman gets let free she's in Coffee Creek in Oregon Close
If You See A Child, Being Abused By Anyone  / Trisha Huelsman (Sponsor)  Read >>
If You See A Child, Being Abused By Anyone  / Trisha Huelsman (Sponsor)
If You see, Or Know Of A Child Being Abused, And You Know, In Your Heart, And Head, That You Must Get Help To That Child, And You Do Nothing To Help.. You Are Just As Bad As That Person/s, That Are Abusing That Child, I Read So Many Stories Of People Saying, I Could, Or Should Have Done More ,Knowing A Child, Or Children were Being Abused, Then You Go On To Try And Justify Why You Did Nothing To Save That Child, We MUST All Protect Any Child, You See Being Abused, There Is No Reason Not To Help That Child, Some Say, I Don't Want To Get Involved, In A Lot Of Cases, It's A Family Member, Or A Friend Abusing That Child, And, Some Try To Justify This, By Saying, I Didn't Want To See That Family Member, Or Friend Get In Trouble ?????..I Will Never Understand Why So Many Have This Way Of Thinking, Then After The Child, Or Children, Are Killed By That Person, You Say, I Could Have Done More..You Think?, You Just Let That Child Die, And Then People Who Say This, Just Go On With Their Lives, Please, I Know This Is Harsh, But When It Comes To The Death Of A Child, Or Children, That Some Knowingly Knew Were Being Abused, I Can't And Will Not Feel Sorry For You, I Will Not Ever Understand Why You Stood Back, And Did Nothing, Nor Will I Listen To Your Reason For Letting That Child DIE, I Don't Want To Hear, Oh I Should Have, Could Have, What Ifs, If You See Or Know Of A Child Being Abused, You Get That Child Help Right There, On The Spot, ..Period, You Take All The Actions You Have To Make Sure That Child Is Safe..There Is Never Any Reason, To Let A Child Be Abused, Then Be Killed. By Anyone, I Don't Care If It Is Your Mother Abusing That Child, You Get That Abuser Behind Bars, Before They Kill A Child., But Then Again, If You See A Dog In A Car, Hot Outside, Windows Up, You Would Break That Window To Save That Dog, I Would Break A Window, So Why Isn't The Life Of A Child More Important. Close
I Am Praying  / Trisha Huelsman (Sponsor)  Read >>
I Am Praying  / Trisha Huelsman (Sponsor)
Hi, Suncana, It's Trisha, The Sponsor For Protected To Death, I Just Wanted To Let You Know, This Site Will Remain up, And Going, Until The Lord Takes All Of Us Home, I Have Younger Family Members, That Having In Legal Writing, If Anything Shall Happen To Me, They Are To Paid For The Site, Sorry I Had To place This Here, And Not In A Email, I Tried , But It Would Not Go Through, God Bless You, For All You Do.Trisha..I Also Want To Let All Here Know, That Everyday You Are In My Prayers. Close
my baby brother  / David Nieves (my baby brother )  Read >>
my baby brother  / David Nieves (my baby brother )
I Wanna Let You Know That I MIssWith All My Heart Its Been Hard Not Having You Around But I Know That Your In A Better Place In Heaven With God Me And Thalia,Daddy Miss YouSoVery Much I'm Gonna Get A Tattoo Dedicated To You OnYour Birthday I Miss Seeing YOu After School Taking CareOfYou GettingYour BabasChanging Your Diapers Everything I MIss Holding You, You WereThe Best Little Baby Brother Ever I Can't Believe YouGotTakenAwayFrom Us So Young But I Know God Has Got A Plan For Everyone. I Miss You So Much Everyday ThereIsn't A Day That Goes By That I Don'tThinkAbout You I Love You David Austin "Chino" Nieves R.I.P April 10,1998-February 21,2000 I Love You So Much YouMayBeGone But NEVER FORGOTTEN <3 You Close
Viola Vanclief's picture ripped the bandage off.  / Bridgette Hix (Reader)  Read >>
Viola Vanclief's picture ripped the bandage off.  / Bridgette Hix (Reader)
I keep this picture on my desk, I keep it buried like the victim, like the feelings of my children, like my desires, all tucked solidly in my awful fat. Nobody's listening. Viola and so many others I apologize for this world of sin, for the ineptitude and self focus that allows this horror. Close
mother of a child.  / Lucy Bennett (mother)  Read >>
mother of a child.  / Lucy Bennett (mother)
I'm a mother to child that has his picture posted on here. Its nice to see that you are trying to protect those who can't protect themselves. Close
heartbroken and bewildered  / Sherry Russell (grandmother(praying non death) )  Read >>
heartbroken and bewildered  / Sherry Russell (grandmother(praying non death) )
I am a grandmother who has lost my grand children to foster care. It was determined after years (almost two) that I was NOT suitable to raise my grandchildren.  After drug testing, reporting abuse in foster homes, being barred from court rooms (couldn't bare listening to lies being told by DHS workers), and generally being BULLIED by the state, I was denied any relationship with my own flesh and blood.  It makes me wonder what the states purpose is, I did not see it as being the welfare of these children. The G.A.L.s position is "if the state makes a mistake it has the state to back it up".  WOW!  Who then truly advocates for the children?  When I reported abuse in a foster home (from the local office to Lansing) I was met with personal attacks that to this day do not allow me employment in my field (these certain obstacles were never an issue before).  The judges and referees lamely follow the ques of the lawyers and social workers (who we already know are not effectively doing their jobs) all at the risk of these already at risk small citizens.  GOD BLESS AND KEEP THESE LITTLE ONES.  I cannot say I know how each of you feel at the definite loss of your small one, but I can relate, by the Grace of GOD I am allowed HOPE.  My prayers are sent out for each of you!       Close
Kelsie Marie Glenn  / Kevin Glenn (father)  Read >>
Kelsie Marie Glenn  / Kevin Glenn (father)

It's been almost 20 years and I miss my little girl more every day. I don"t see the justice in Robert Bean spending just over 3 years in prison for such a crime.


my heart goes out  / TERESA GARZA (MOTHER)  Read >>
my heart goes out  / TERESA GARZA (MOTHER)
my heart goes out to all of the children that have been neglected abused or in cases like my son murdered. there is no pain greater then having to bury your own child as mothers we are supose to protct them from harm in my case he was taken from me to to be protected but instead he was killed and no paperwork or drug test or judges decision will ever bring him back. i am healing and i hope that all the other mothers out there that have gone thru what ive gone thru remain strong god bless always and may all the children we have lost sleep with all the angels in heaven forever Close
my heart  / Shanna Randall (visitor)  Read >>
my heart  / Shanna Randall (visitor)
My heart is breaking over and over reading these childrens stories. I wish that I could give them all kisses and hugs forever. I have 2 babies and I couldn't imagine a moment without them. Sleep well angels. I will always remember you and keep you in my heart. Close
Suicide by murdering love  / Clouds Above (god)  Read >>
Suicide by murdering love  / Clouds Above (god)
CPS is behind this family distruction you sinners and family rulers where is the actual story bbc are you afraid of the truth Fox news are you afraid? Just like in America 10.000 mothers and fathers have committed suicide this year alone unreported by our sick media who are also ran by the heads of elite families that use our children to keep the corrupt system going . Close
im homeless and welfare called cps cause of it  / Christine Sanford   Read >>
im homeless and welfare called cps cause of it  / Christine Sanford
I'm so scared r they going to take my kids? Should I run.... idk what to do I'm so scared Close
Incorrect Information  / McKenna Seals (Chandler Elliott )  Read >>
Incorrect Information  / McKenna Seals (Chandler Elliott )

I was a cousin of Chandler Elliott and very close to both him and his father as I live only 45 minutes away from their home. I believe you may have some mistaken information in your atricle. The mother of chandler pretty much dumped him off at his dada and left not telling him when/ if she'd ever be back. Also Chandler's father was a known alcolholic and we somewhat blame ourselves for not monitoring him as much as we should have. He was regularly given help through regular work offered by us and even full offers to take Chandler into our home and care for him allowing his father more money and full visitation. Sadly this was refused. But his family wasn't the only issues in his life. A fire soon following a bear break-in took and destroyed most of his belongings.

Through all this something changed. I called him a week before christmas to ask him what he wanted but he said "I don't want anything..." His voice was dull and it seemed odd for him not asking for anything. a few days later the call came at about 11:00.

Terrified / Nicole Simmons   Read >>
Terrified / Nicole Simmons

My heart goes out to all the children that are being abused and/or died in the hands of the ones that were suppose to love care and protect them.


I am deathly afraid for my 10 month old niece that I have been caring for since she was 2 weeks old and it was because of their own doing he not us we were called by the police to come and get the baby because she was having an episode and was threatening to harm the baby. When she came to live with us she was severely under weight 4lb 9oz...CPS is about to start the process of her being returned to her mother...she and the father suffer from mental illness they both are homeless and the father uses drugs...both have violent outburst and needs to take meds to control them along with other meds she is a very depended person and needs other people to do things for her she even depends on the drug addict father to give her her meds on time they stay from the shelter to other people houses that are also drug users...CPS knows about this violent behavior and the drug use of the father and her dependency on others and they even know that they plan to live together whenever if ever they find an apartment she just started a job the 1st one ever working 15 hrs a week and he just doesn't want to work...but CPS is looking at the mother and not the father because she is in compliance but how can you look at one and not the other you can't give her more than one thing at a time to focus on because she get confused and frustrated so how is she to care for a child...I feel like my hands are tied and my little niece is in trouble if returned to them...I don't want to bury my niece!

f**k you foster moms  / Dont Worry Who I. Am To Foster Mom (angels)  Read >>
f**k you foster moms  / Dont Worry Who I. Am To Foster Mom (angels)
child welfare may take our children may give us a plan have us do this or do that we fullfill everything we are suppose to but its never enough for them we can prove till were blue in the face and still dont get our children back well fuck u welfare systems everywere  all ur all out 4 is for the dam money and u foster ppl need to really be screened before a child is put in ur homes u ppl are no better than some parents who kill there children or grandchildren luckly my children have been returned to me and are safely alive they were lucky ones but wen they was returned to me 1 of my children had a blk eye the other 3 had bruises on them i yelled and bitched all i was told was be happy there back home yea i was and anm but i see parents try there besyt but never see there child again cuz foster familys kill themmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ive seen it happen i read it in the papper so dont go blamin the parents all the time its u foster ppl too Close
To Foster "mom"  / T. Major   Read >>
To Foster "mom"  / T. Major
This country will continue its downward spiral as long as people like you that think like you and behave like you are in control. Enjoy your foster care payments while you can because this current system just simply can not survive.   Close
so sorry, i have not been at the site  / Trisha Huelsman (Sponsor)  Read >>
so sorry, i have not been at the site  / Trisha Huelsman (Sponsor)
I just wanted to say hi and let those who are suffering know I care and pray daily i feel very bad for not being at the site in along time but i loss my mom and then my husband loss both granparents and we have been out of town and the country alot i just wanted to say keep up the great work and fight and just know I care and I never will forget the wrong's that have been done to all these precious children and also to the familes that have been abused by the system. God Bless and keep fighting the GREAT Fight. Close
It brought tears to my eyes  / Theresa Thurston (Nothing)  Read >>
It brought tears to my eyes  / Theresa Thurston (Nothing)
My name is Theresa I feel your pain it brought tears to my eyes wen i read this story for the first time. I am and stil am a victim of DYFS stealing people kids. A Judge finds me guilty of child abuse and neglect because someone said i had baby. When they could not find  one they said i had but in one court room they told the judge my friend called in another they said i called. We cought they caseworkers in many many lies but the judge said o people can say what they want. One very big lie was that they said on 3 different occasions they spoke to my aunt lucy and my grandma. One problem they were already dead. The judges responce was people can say that there name is jo smo the caseworkers do know. Really well my caseworker met my aunt and has been to home and she said she outside my house. When she was already dead. These people think they can and get away with it. WE have to go after our justice system first. This crap about parponderence of the evidence is a load of crap. I think the superme court needs to chage it cause these caseworkers can lie about things under oath and the judge believes them. The judge considers parponderence evidence as testimony from the caseworkers. Everyday DYFS caseworkers are getting caught in lies. The only way things will change is people by tape recorders and record all converstions between them and the caseworkers. They can lie but tapes do not lie. No it is not illegal cause i went out and brought one myself i recorder there doctor saying i know what dyfs wants i will give them what they want. Right there i got him the judge will more then likely throw out his report. He got paid to write a bad report on me. I have all the proof i  need. I also have the caseworkers admitting I never abused nor neglect my kids. That will come on my appeal. Also along with my lawsuit already filed against them. My lawyer told me about the recording cause she was a victim herself a caseworker lost in court against her what does she do call hotline service to tell them she on drugs. They showed with the police at her house. She refused to let them in they took her to court. The judge denied them and order however they left her case opened and brought it back court. The caseworker start her lies. My lawyer has since filed an appeal and has won it base they had no evidence. So my advice is people get a tape recorder when these people come to your house record everything. Close
My answer to Foster Mom (Foster Parent )  / Suncana Alvarado   Read >>
My answer to Foster Mom (Foster Parent )  / Suncana Alvarado

This page is in memory of children died of abuse or neglect while in the care or under the supervision of Children Protective Services.

Children Who Didn't Have to Die - Website

Oh my gosh.  / Foster Mom (Foster Parent )  Read >>
Oh my gosh.  / Foster Mom (Foster Parent )

So you abuse drugs during pregnancy and the baby is taken by CPS at the hospital and it's EVERYONE'S fault but your own.

You neglect your kids and live in roach invested apartments and CPS takes your kids and it's EVERYONE'S fault but your own.

You send your kids to school with bruises and the kids are taken by CPS and it's EVERYONE'S fault but your own.

You are given a caseplan to complete so the kids can be returned and you fail to do it. And it's EVERYONE'S fault but your own.

You go to court for TWO YEARS making minimal progress (if any) on your caseplan but it's EVERYONE's fault but your own.

Your kids are placed in adoptive home because the judge is tired of your excuses as to why you still haven't completed the caseplan and it's EVERYONE'S fault but your own.

Your children are living in foster care BECAUSE OF YOU! Meibe you should take responsibility for your own actions and your children so CPS doesn't have to!

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